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KiD - Kindergarten in Diani e.V.
Heidelberger Str. 20
28203 Bremen

phone +49 (0) 421 703583
fax +49 (0) 421 72240

email: info@kid

KiD-Kindergarten in Diani e.V. is a German-certified, non-profit organization.* 
We rely solely on individual donations to achieve our goal of supporting our students until they have completed their educations. Many small donations add up to big achievements!

To donate by wire transfer, please include the following information in your request:

Account Name: KiD-Kindergarten in Diani e.V.
Bank: Savings Bank in Bremen
Bank Identifier: 290 501 01
Account Number: 107 43 50
IBAN: DE682905010001074350

If you would like a receipt for your donation, please be sure to include your exact name and address.

*KiD-Kindergarten in Diani e.V. is a certified non-profit charity (Certificate #60/145/07858; issued 14. April, 2014, by the tax office in Bremen Centre, Lower Saxony, Germany) in accordance with Paragraph 5, Section 1, Clause 9 of the German Corporation Tax Law, for organizations established for charitable and benevolent purposes. It is listed as Number 6380 in the Register of Associations at the District Court of Bremen.