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  Stadtführungen in Bremen

My first journey to Germany (november 2008)

My first Journey to Germany was as from 10th November 2008 to 26th November 2008.

I started my journey from where I stay in Kindergarten in Diani plot on Monday 10th November 2008 at 3.30 in the morning Kenyan time to Mombasa to get a flight at Moi International airport. Which was to depart at 8.40 am from Mombasa via Zanzibar to Frankfurt Germany.

The flight got off from Mombasa at 8.40 am to Zanzibar and 9.40 am we were in Zanzibar airport. We stopped there for one hour before we started the journey to Germany.
It was also my first time to Zanzibar which is in Tanzania the country which boarders Kenya. It was wonderful Journey because it was my first time to get into an aeroplane.

From Zanzibar to Frankfurt we spend 8 hours in air and we landed at Frankfurt at 7.00 pm Germany time and I went to railway station which is just next to airport where I was to get a train at 8.09pm from Frankfurt to Hanover where I met Heinz who is one of the Germany Kindergarten in Diani committee and Nikias a son of Manfred and Heidi who are also the committee members. 

Heinz pick me from Hanover by his car and we travel through road to Bremen at 4.00pm Germany time we were at their home. At 11.00 am Tuesday on 11th November 2008 at Heinz and Heikes home we took breakfast together with Heinz, Heike, Heidi, Manfred and Marco who are all Diani Kindergarten Committee members in German.

On Wednesday 12th November 2008 Heidi took us to visit Bremen town where I visit river Wisea Old houses Schnoor, Dom, Bremen musical and one of supermarket by name Karstadt Bremen. On evening we went to midweek service in New Apostolic church at Ritterhude and the service was conducted by Evangelist Matthias. After service we were invited for a dinner by Conny family at their home at Ritterhude.

On Thursday 13th November 2008, Heinz, Heike, Heidi and I went to Dortmund to the N.A.K. Karitativ where we met Brother Bernd Klippert who is working in N.A.K. office and in the evening we went back to Bremen.

On Friday 14th November 2008 I woke up from the hotel where I was staying in Ostertor and went to Kindergarten in Diani office in Bremen Germany and I was to work during day time. At 1.00 pm Heinz, Heike and I went to Achim at Heidi and Manfreds home for a dinner and in evening we went to Ritterhude where was concert to raise money for Kindergarten in Diani where about 1.300,- Euros were collected.

On Saturday 15th November 2008, I woke up in the morning and we went again to Ritterhude where the Bazaar for Kindergarten in Diani was.

On Sunday 16th November 2008, we went to Wilhemshaven for Sunday service in New Apostolic church which was conducted by District Apostle Schumacher and Apostle Krause from Bremen. We were to stay at Wilhemshaven until in the afternoon because there were choirs singing. We went to visit Wilhemshaven North sea and on that day it was very cold. I wondered very much when I saw a man swimming in the sea and it was very cold.
Afterwards we went back to Bremen.

On Monday 17th Nov 2008 evening at 7.30 pm we went to visit one of the school in Bremen where I meet some parent from that school and they asked me question about Kindergarten in Diani and also they promised to do something for Kindergarten in Diani.

On Tuesday 18th November 2008 at 7.00 am I was picked by one of Deacon in Ostertor New Apostolic church by the name Jochen to visit his Restaurants, one in Lüneburg and the other in Rotenburg which is the best Restaurant with very delicious food. We spent all the day there and went back to Ostertor Bremen in the evening.

This is the part of my story about my Journey to Germany. During the journey I visited one school in Bremen, one school in Gnarrenburg where one of the teachers is a sister of New Apostolic church by the name Sandra and also I visited one International school in Bremen.

I was very lucky to see snow live and touch it which was my first time to see something like that. I made so many friends during this time like District Evangelist Ingo and other sponsors of Kindergarten in Diani.

They are lovely people and very willing people. The Germany Committee are working very hard for KiD.

On 26th November I came back to Kenya where I had hard time to explain to people about my Journey to Germany. My wife and my children were very happy when I told them about the Journey and lovely people that I met in Germany.

The trip was organized by Kindergarten Committee in Germany. I thank all those who contributed and are still contributing to Kindergarten in Diani. Hoping you will continue with the same spirit of supporting the children of Kindergarten in Diani.

Edward Kaunda Maunga
The first snow for Edward.


Edward and the german committee
Edward and the german committee

Edward with the "Bremer Stadtmusikanten".
Edward with the "Bremer Stadtmusikanten".

Edward on stage
Concert in Ritterhude with Edward on stage.

Standing ovation för the concert.
Standing ovation för the concert.

Edward on stage
Edward in a german school, the kids have o lot of questions to kenya.

Edward on the way back to kenya
Edward on the way back to kenya